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#Download/Watch Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 3 Online in HD Free

Posted on October 5 2013 in Drama

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Genre: Drama, Family, History
Episode Name: Series 4, Episode 3
Air date: 10/6/2013
Summary: An extravagant party offers the Crawley family the chance to reunite with some old friends. Some of the guests though prove more welcome than others. Dame Nellie Melba performs.

Welcome back to Downton, a place where, like a D&D 'Jazz-Age Toffs' Expansion Pack, every character comes with their own alignment card: Good, Evil, or Gormless. This week saw kindly acts from the Good (Anna, Bates, Isobel, Mrs Hughes and Carson), dastardly plotting from the Evil (Edna and Thomas), and gullibility from the Gormless (Mr Molesley the Younger and Lady Cora, who really should have seen through Barrow by now, even if he did help her to oust wicked Nanny West last week).

It was an hour of tying up loose ends and stitching open wounds. Still making amends for ruining everybody’s Christmas, series four of the ITV drama is doing all it can to get back to rocking our collective cradle on a Sunday night by cooing reassuring things about luncheons and tenant farming. They'd even brought the dog’s bum intro back to usher us comfortingly into the status quo.

Not that there wasn’t dramatic incident this week - Mr Molesley got tar on his ear for a start - but on the whole, these past two episodes have seen Downton Abbey pull the shutters on the shock shop and return to the cosy blanket business.

To wit, the kitchen was abuzz when former under house maid Gwen (Rose Leslie, now numbering amongst Game of Thrones’ wildlings) sent them all a letter from Beyond the Wall. Not to be outdone, Cousin Matthew borrowed an idea from his dead fiancée last series by sending one from beyond the grave, and handily resolving a plot point into the bargain.

When the Earl began reading Cousin Matthew’s missive aloud, you’d have done well to remember we were watching Downton Abbey proper and not a Mitchell & Webb parody of the same. Here, unadulterated, is its content:

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